Saturday, February 4, 2012

Give that Woman a Hand

I have noticed a strange phenomenon on these dating sites - the appearance of an unattached hand on a woman's left or right shoulder. The other parts of the body belonging to the hand have been cropped out. I think it's likely that the body behind the hand has been severed from a relationship, too.

Sometimes the best pictures of a woman smiling might be those where a husband or boyfriend  had his arm around her. It makes me a little sad that a woman might not have a picture of herself standing alone, smiling proudly about the person she is, not just half a couple.

I don't believe that a husband and wife should be two halves of a whole. Two whole people standing on their own and sharing their independent lives makes more sense to me.

So women, lose the disembodied hands, just like you probably have taken the man attached to it out of your life. 

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