Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Light Inside

Some women post the very best photo taken of them in the past 20 years as their profile photo. That photo is often a professionally taken glamor shot, or even a high school, college, or wedding (!) picture.

I believe these women want to show who they are inside - that they are still young and beautiful even if they have aged. Sometimes, the woman seems to age as the pictures continue in order, showing how she has become the person she is now. Or, the beauty shot is the last one shown, as in - "this is me, too."

Sure, I wish I was as handsome as I was on my wedding day 25 years ago - and that I was as blissfully happy as I was that day. But, I can only be the person I am now and try to stay healthy and keep in shape as best I can, both physically and emotionally.

I love seeing a woman's genuine smile and the sparkle in her eyes. In those moments, I can see that young, beautiful woman still inside her. I don't need to see pictures of how she used to be. We are both older, but as long as that "I am still alive and looking for fun and love" spark is still there, we are not old.

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