Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When You Least Expect It...

I "met" the most cynical (and funny) woman on a dating site. From New Jersey, with attitude. KUMA posted pictures of 6 different beauty queens, including herself as a young model, claiming they were all her. She listed her weight at 450 and her height as 7'1" and wrote an outrageous profile. Bottom line, she was just tired of messaging and meeting jerks. I shared this blog with her - figured she would appreciate it - and found out there really was a lovely, smart woman behind the curtain. I wished her a Happy St. Patrick's Day and got this reply:

"Happy Patty's day to you too!!! Well it's been a blast chatting with you...you're the only guy on this F'ed up site that had 2 brain cells to rub together. This is my last day on this thing, my month is up. And believe it or not I found a WONDERFUL Man on a different site and I'm in love.....so you can write in your blog that most of the time Shit Happens.....just some rare times.... Magic Happens So I wish you on the Luck of the Irish day, nothing but magic in the rest of you life."

Even for a sometimes cynical guy, that's kinda nice.

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